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Sisboomba | July 22, 2009

The title is my favorite word from last week’s pages. I found something deeply amusing about seeing that all spelled out and capitalized and squished together like that. So… appropriate.

The rest of this is going to be disjointed, which might be fitting, given the amount of time spent in the endnotes from p. 242 to p. 317.

  • Orin’s feelings about footballs: “like most tennis players, [he] had always found the misshapen ball’s schizoid bounces disorienting and upsetting to look at.”(p. 289) –> Simply put, hilarious. Also, I’m not a tennis player, never have been, but I also find the bounce of a football strangely unnerving. I played rugby for a season, and I had the same problem.
  • “destiny always leans trenchcoated out of alley with some sort of Psst that you usually can’t even hear because you’re in such a rush to or from something important you’ve tried to engineer.” (p. 291) –> Destiny wearing a trenchcoat? Makes me think of a femme fatale, and/or Goth teenagers. What if destiny were a Goth teenager?
  • “Nothing in Poor Tony’s grim life-experience prepared him for the experience of time with a shape and an odor” (p. 302) –> I found the entire Poor Tony section completely riveting, and I must have been holding my breath throughout, because I sighed and took a deep breath when he finally had the seizure. Which I guess is a weird response to someone having a seizure.
  • My other new favorite word, this one I might actually use: candent, as in “not exactly the most candent stars in the intellectual Orion,” (p. 306) a sentence that made me laugh out loud.

Footnote 110 is brilliant. I found a lot of it frighteningly absorbing, and I underlined and noted more of it than of the actual text for this week. I think I enjoy Hal most when he berates Orin. The tone Hal takes is just pure gold. (Makes his inability to communicate at the beginning even more terrifying to contemplate, in my opinion. He’s so quick and witty, here.) I also love when the brothers don’t directly answer each others’ questions, but just each forge blindly ahead into their individual points.

  • “It’s poignant somehow that you always use the word Subject when you mean the exact obverse.”
  • “She’s Strategy-resistant because she knows too much to fall for a persona.”
  • Another great word: swivet
  • “I’m a privileged white seventeen-year-old U.S. male. I’m a student at a tennis academy that sees itself as a prophylactic. I eat, sleep, evacuate, highlight things with yellow markers, and hit balls. I lift things and swing things and run in huge outdoor circles. I am just about as apolitical as someone can be. I am out of all loops but one, by design. I’m sitting here naked with my foot in a bucket. What exactly is it you hope to get from me on this?”

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