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I’m Going to Gripe

September 15, 2009
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So after my silly speculations about what might happen to my reading habits once I started law school, here’s what’s happened:

I still make time to read, but I certainly don’t make time to blog.

So it goes, I suppose. I haven’t picked up a New Yorker in weeks, which is distressing, but there’s just too many other things to read, i.e. contracts and criminal law and civil procedure and (God help me) torts.


A moment of celebration before I begin to gripe: I finished Infinite Jest! I’m really quite proud of myself.

And here’s the griping: I KNOW that I shouldn’t have expected anything like or resembling in any way an actual conclusion from Wallace, after all this time. And yet. And but so. I really really wanted one. Anything. The smallest bit of resolution. I really thought the last 200 pages were going somewhere. I experienced the I-can’t-put-it-down problem for the first time with this book in the last 200 pages. I’m sure there are people who will tell me that the book did go somewhere, that it does go somewhere. But now, in the moments after finishing? I’m feeling a little disappointed.

However. I’m so glad I read it. I’m not sure I’ll ever become a fanatical-type-really-excited-about-IJ person who reads IJ over and over again. But I’m glad I’ve been there.

And that’s the end of my law-student-too-busy-to-blog-but-still-not-too-busy-to-read post!