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March 29, 2010
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Because I need a poetic kick in the ass and because April is National Poetry Month and because I need somewhere to channel my emotional overflow and because law school hasn’t killed my soul yet but I am foundering on the edge: NaPoWriMo. Aka writing a poem every day in April. Daily prompts helpfully provided by Read Write Poem, though perhaps I’ll wander as well.

Starting Thursday, April 1, I will write one poem per day. This is the only promise. They do not have to be good. But maybe I’ll finally start to do something with the phrases I write down like “I am tired of talking / about geography.”

This isn’t actually about reading books, but perhaps there will be tie-ins, perhaps writing poems will help me read more non-law books, which is something that just really hasn’t been happening. If nothing else, summer is coming; it begins for me on May 7, the day after my last exam. This is a good way to slide in.


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