The Book Life

4.2 | April 4, 2010

Regular White Paper Therapy

Start with an image.
I’m tired of the open sea.
I don’t know what I want to say.
So start
with an image.

It’s dawn, pre-dawn,
a warming day in April.
I am jogging.
Is that an image?
Where are you going?

Just in circles. Well, in one
particular circle, a loop,
on this morning.
It is early and quiet.
Why this image?
It’s easy. It is
every day. It is
jogging up and down
hills. It is simple.
Not so.
Meaning much of
nothing, then. You said
to start with an image
so I did.
And you always do
as you’re told?

I am out of practice
at metaphor and
Starting somewhere.
The air, on these early
morning runs, its promise,
is what makes them
worth mention. Otherwise,
they’re just
An exercise.
In what?
Going somewhere.

[PROMPT: Put “RWP,” the acronym for Read Write Poem, into I wrote the poem after looking at the list, but the two aren’t really related. I stuck one of the phrases into the title, for now.]


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