The Book Life

4.6 | April 6, 2010

If I can find my place in this,
I will fit anywhere. Place me
on your map at your peril –
I will do more than squirm
beneath the push pin. If
the scenery could speak
it might ask about the dress;
my only answer is that it’s blue,
and the arm warmers give me
something to hold onto.
My hair is down but not
my guard, and no one but me
needs to see this – hard to
verbalize but I’m pretty sure
the eyes bleed deeper determination.
I will not be blown away.
I seek to find and not for
seeking’s sake. This field is wide
and wild; I am not lost but looking.
You think to locate me, to re-
locate me, and I mean it
when I tell you where I am,
where I am going,
but I just mean it more
when I am wandering.

[PROMPT: Pick an image you like (mine was from the file I keep of cool pictures I tear out of magazines and then use to decorate folders and notebooks and the like). Ask a series of questions: Who speaks in this image? Why do you like it? What does it make you remember? And so forth. Write answers at random all over a page; look for a pattern; write a poem.]


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