The Book Life

4.9 | April 12, 2010

It was a long winter, always drinking
wine from two weeks ago,
trying to wash down the taste of campfire
still stuck in the back of our throats.

Remember the flames’ flap, the snap and crack?

It was a long winter, the indoor flames
never quite matching up, the chimney rudely
blocking our view of the smoke
disappearing in the dark. We had
elderberry kisses at the first sign
of sickness, and a torch that we carried
all winter long. Keep the jar full of jam
on the rug, in easy reach; strum
your strings, and I’ll be happy.
We didn’t bruise so easy as before,
and have stowed enough here to startle
with the strength
of our survival.

It was a long winter, limp from
lack of light we are emerging
from a willing hibernation, an enforced
absence. You will see us soon,
in sudden spring, where we left you.

[PROMPT: A mission! Choose 12 words from this list, add something that tastes terrible, lines from a failed poem, and a sound you love. This poem is loosely based on and dedicated to my college roommate, who should recognize bits of this. I get behind on the weekends, with my posting, so this is late, but was really written on the proper day.]


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