The Book Life

4.17 | April 18, 2010

Interrogation, or, Ask the Wind

Do you ever get tired?
Would you like to sit down? What would you do with a chair?
What would you do with most of this world?
I’d imagine it’s one of two:
Obstacle course!
Does it depend on your mood?
Do you have moods?
Sometimes I waste mine on you,
when I am running and you are blowing
in the wrong direction. Other times
you are my companion in feeling epic.

Do you let the weather use you?
You always come with storms – do you mind,
being used? Does the rain thank you
for adding conviction? Or are you in charge,
inviting the rain and the clouds
when you’re feeling lonely?
Do you ever want to stop moving?
Would you, if you could?
Do the waves tire of you? Do they shout,
ask to be released?
Are you as free as you seem?

[PROMPT: Choose an element (wind, water, fire, earth), then choose a point of view that is unusual for you. I am always writing about water, pretending to be water, and so on, so I went with wind, and decided not to be wind, but to talk to it.]


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