The Book Life

4.19 | April 20, 2010

There was a lightbulb,
once. I made it float
over my head while I wore sunglasses,
for weeks. Not that I couldn’t see,
but that I wouldn’t, you see.
I did not want the light. So this lightbulb
floats over my head for a month.
Sometimes, if I moved too quickly,
I hit it with my forehead. It never shattered,
just shone on and on and on.
And I wore sunglasses constantly,
to avoid the illumination
happening all around me. Everyone else
could see this, by the way. For minutes,
sometimes hours, I would forget it was there,
but never for longer. It refused to leave.
I had some trouble sleeping,
so I bought a funny purple eye cover
to block out the light. You probably know
how the rest of this story goes.
One day I just took off the glasses.
One day I just took a good look.

[PROMPT: Write about a light bulb moment. Your poem should express the emotions that grip you as you experience your “shock” moment. I decided to take a more literal, and at the same time, less concrete, route.]


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