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Sometimes I Need a Poetry Morning

October 13, 2010
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Walking to school this morning, I listened to “Boy with a Coin” by Iron & Wine, which is a song that I was temporarily obsessed with all summer. It reminded me of the city. It reminded me of the other half of my life. It was 55 degrees out, although October has been stubborn about fall this year. As I walked down 6th and crossed Grant, I had a wonderful moment of aloofness. I was temporarily
my own life. It made certain things less painful, other things less stressful. Took the edge off.

It was fleeting, naturally. But now I’m in the law library, reading poetry, so maybe it wasn’t all that fleeting after all.

There are other parts of me. I just want to tell everyone that, sometimes. And when they are awake, they lend perspective, make me introspective, make me weird, but make me more specifically myself. (Make me possibly unclear.)

I’m emotional, and I don’t hide that, and I won’t apologize for it. I know it makes me a difficult person sometimes. Makes me seemingly fragmentary, fragmented, roller coaster-esque.

Here’s what I’m reading, because there’s nowhere else to put it.

“What Constitutes a Proper Planet” (by Ashley Capps)

I decided to drive to the beach, where I sat in the sand and dug a large hole.
There was a tiny translucent crab with eyes like my mother
and such a specific inner life I tossed it fast back into the tide.
The sop I scooped out made a kind of wall which slid in on itself if my pace slackened.
I had to dig quicker. I dug frantic. Kids appeared with plastic shovels-
I wanted to ask them not to collapse it, but they hung back, a cautious tribe.
Till at last, one poked me with a stick and asked why I was doing that.
And I said, to keep the ocean out. And then they all joined in.