The Book Life

Ondine | April 5, 2011

You are beautiful when you move like you’re underwater.
The air around you practically liquifies in acquiescence,
convinced that it has been confused all along, about its being.

I feel the same as the air. Liquified, tears in the corners of my eyes,
like I’ve been going about things all wrong.
Not wrong in a bad way, just a pre-revelation kind of wrong,
like there’s no way I could have known otherwise.

Because we are both human and breathing, I know that we are not
actually underwater.
[I am not entirely convinced that you are human, beautiful.
It’s clear your element is something between, neither air nor ocean.]

I love you within every move that you make.
I cannot turn air into water with the wave of an arm or the arch of a back.
But maybe I only needed the proper inspiration, and maybe now I have it.

Inspired by the ballet “Sea Shadows,” choreographed by Gerald Arpino, as performed by The Joffrey Ballet at the IU Auditorium on April 5, 2011. Definitely a work-in-progress.


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