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Summer Bagels

April 12, 2011
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city’s summer
owns us
with its heat

nose to nose
close and sweating
we are watching this happen
to each other

in the morning
you’re toasting my bagel
and I’m trying to stay cool
in front of the fan

I see a picture of you
on the dresser
and I soften a little,
around the edges
just looking this picture of you.

imagine what could happen
when you walk back into this room
with my bagel


Traveling Friends

April 4, 2011
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I took pictures of their feet
because I knew in the end
that their faces wouldn’t matter.
More that they wore skirts,
rolled up their jeans,
carried their sandals;
mostly that took me to the beach.
I understood their impermanence from the start.
Don’t misunderstand, this isn’t mean,
just true. We probably all knew.
And maybe it was me who impermanent,
perhaps they’re all still best of friends.
After all, I was the American transplant,
the temporary visa to prove it.
I’m not sure any of us cared, that day, about impermanence,
and perhaps that’s what counts.
The social relegated to scenery.
It was the beach and cool sand
and the weather just nothing but British. Not even warm.
And the boys and surfboards, of course.

They never treated me like I belonged, not really.
And only five years later,
I’m clearly okay with having only pictures of their feet.
It’s nice scenery, and I don’t think I was there to make friends.